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By selecting to enroll in Paperless Delivery of statements and electronic delivery, you hereby agree to the following and this will constitute your consent for us to send you electronic communications about your Account.

You consent to receive communications relating to your Account in electronic form. Communications may include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Statement availability messaging
  2. Delivery of statement, letters, notices or alerts, inserts
  3. Changes to your account

These electronic communications may include your name and some information about your Account, including your balance or the due date. Electronic communications may be reviewed by any party with access to your Account, the e-mail account you have provided to us for delivering these communications, or the hardware or software you use to view your Account information or your e-mail account.

Withdrawing Your Consent. You may go online and select US Mail for any Account that you do not want to receives Paperless Delivery of Statements and Electronic Communications as the sole form of communication and un-enroll. Any change in your method of delivery will become effective in a commercially reasonable period of time to process the change.

Updating Email on Record. You agree to promptly update your e-mail address if a change occurs by updating your email information in the My Account section while logged in to your Account.

Technology Requirements. In order to access and retain Paperless Delivery of Statements and Electronic Communications, you must have the following:

Electronic Signatures. You acknowledge that by clicking on the "I Agree", you are indicating your intent to sign up for electronic communications and that this shall constitute your signature and authorization for that Account.

Returned E-mails. If e-mails are returned to us, we reserve the right to cancel your enrollment for Paperless Delivery of Statements and Electronic Communications and resume sending you paper statements in the mail. If this happens, you will need to re-enroll to receive Paperless Delivery of Statements and Electronic Communications.

We take reasonably commercial efforts to ensure our e-mail notifications do not go to SPAM. However, you are responsible for ensuring that any filters on your side recognize e-mail originating from us. If you fail to receive e-mail notifications from us after enrolling for electronic statements, please check with the provider of your e-mail account and/or the SPAM filter associated with your e-mail account. The emails will come from

Account Delivery. We reserve the right, at any time and without notice, to stop providing you with electronic statements and provide you with paper statements based on any perceived or actual risk. We will provide you with notice of any such termination or change as required by law.

Federal Law. You acknowledge and agree that your consent to Paperless Delivery of Statements and Electronic Communications is being provided in connection with a transaction affecting interstate commerce that is subject to the federal Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act, (herein referred to as “ESGNCA”) and that you and we both intend that the ESGNCA apply to the fullest extent possible to validate our ability to conduct business with you by electronic means.

Communications in Writing. All Communications in either electronic or paper format from us to you will be considered "in writing." You should print or download for your records a copy of this Disclosure and any other Communication that is important to you